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Salesperson | Cagliari, Sardegna | 2 gen 2015
Organization and production
Desk clerck goods, quality control, accounting and work organization. I learned teamwork, management accounting and management team. The hardest part of my work has been the lack of punctuality in transposing the wages. The best part of my job is the contact with people and the work team.
Addetto/a alla vendita | Bitonto, Puglia | 8 mar 2023
Tipologia e organizzazione del lavoro ottima, contratti non buoni
Il modo di lavorare è ottimo così come l'organizzazione, ma i contratti sono solo a part time e solo se si diventa responsabile o vice si può avere il full time altrimenti muori part time con l'agenzia interinale
Addetto/a alla vendita | Como, Lombardia | 19 giu 2018
Ambiente di lavoro stimolante peccato per i turni di lavoro e lo stipendio basso
Nei miei anni di lavoro in MD mi sono trovata bene a parte lo stipendio e devi correre per lavorare per guadagnare 2 lire in piu'.
Controgli orari che cambiano di continuo uguale zero vita sociale
Addetto/a al magazzino | Parma, Emilia-Romagna | 1 mar 2023
Lasciate ogni speranza voi che entrate
Sei un numero che ha una scadenza prestabilita . Avrò visto negli ultimi 3 anni cambiare personale un'infinità di volte. E' un'azienda che non da prospettiva.
Scaffalista | Napoli, Campania | 14 feb 2023
Ambiente di lavoro così e così
Buono per imparare questa professione! Prima esperienza lavorativa e mi sono trovato abbastanza bene, molto dinamico e di forte supporto alla clientela
Cajero/a | Provincia di Napoli, Campania | 18 dic 2019
ambiente animado
me gustaba trabajar como cajero pero no me gustaba trabajar como almacenista
| Partinico, Sicilia | 17 ago 2017
Lavoro km fruttivendolo e repartista e un bel negozio
Service Administrator | Houston, TX | 21 gen 2016
Very fast paced job, Get to attend various Production events such as concerts, sporting events, & others.We also have pancakes once a month
Morning starts with checking your emails & replying as necessary or taking on the task which has presented itself. I am always learning something new about the professional lighting, audio & video we take in for service. I learn new ways of billing according to the clients & different PO forms in which our vendors require. Management of our dept comes from the Service Manager and then myself. We manage a team of (8) in our department alone. Each person has their on specialty. My Co-workers are easy to work with and get along with each other. The hardest part of the job is the inventory which is done @ the end of the year. I am the only person to take on this tasks. The most enjoyable part of my job is the opportunity to interact with the public on a regular basis. I have come to know my clients on a first name basis and they come in and reciprocate the acknowledgement knowing me as well. This makes you feel good when customers only want to deal with you. We have company functions throughout the year, such as pancakes once a month. Hot Dog lunch for Memorial Day. Hamburger lunch for Labor Day. Thanksgiving pot-luck lunch, Houston Rodeo Kick-off lunch. We also get free tickets to a multitude of events.
ProFamily oriented business, Always looking out for each other, It's a pleasure to work here
ControOur production staff never knows what hours they will be working or what days; including holidays
General Manager | New Jersey | 11 feb 2015
My day start verifying that all the employees are doing their job 100%. Also i have to verify the order of food, liquor and supplies. Depends of the season we have many kind of events, baby showers, weddings, found raisins etc. I need to be aware of the events and coordinate the development of each one. I have to train the new staff they we have for the events or for the regular services that we offer as restaurants and a Night Club in the other location. Its a very under pressure Work but i learn a lot every day because constantly I'm knowing many people of the industry in restaurants, clubs and different kinds of events. We have very Nice people from many countries working with us that make our work very diverse and fun. The hardest part of the job is that i have to be 24-7 because in this job its very difficult to have free time. we open 7 days a ween in one of the restaurants and the others during the weekend but we have a lot of work. During the slow days in the restaurant its necessary to be planning the next event and planning strategies to have always engage our customers.
Medical Assistant | Maywood, CA | 12 dic 2017
Pleasure working at the establishment
I must say i have been very fortunate to have found a doctor that hired me right after completing my hours for my externship straight out of school. There is nothing better than working with people that are easy to get along with not to mention a doctor who is always willing to teach along the way. Not a week goes by where i don't learn something new and or a more efficient way of doing something. I have happily been working at the establishment for 4 years and one of the most rewarding part is interacting with the usuals (mostly the elderly patients). Along with the PEDS patients, watching the kids grow a little bit every time they return to the office is awesome. The only thing i guess you can say i dislike about my job is having someone come in to the office with a problem or with pain and there is nothing i can do about it.
Empresaria | Mérida, Badajoz provincia | 22 mar 2017
Experiencia positiva en creación y gestión de microempresa
Un trabajo fascinante que me ha permitido desarrollarme profesionalmente y personalmente. Me encanta la atención personal hacia el cliente, y más teniendo en cuenta que se trata de dar un servicio de bienestar. Además conlleva la gestión de una empresa, aunque pequeña, y la publicidad a través de internet, página web y redes sociales. Realmente estoy satisfecha de esta experiencia. Aunque si tuviera que hacerlo de nuevo, cambiaría algunas cosas que he aprendido con el tiempo y por la formación impartida durante estos últimos años( Coaching de Ventas, Gestión de procesos en servicios de restauración, Creación y gestión de microempresas,..).
ProAlta cosmética y tecnología al alcance
ControClientes en crisis económica para adquirir servicios de alta calidad.
Administrative Assistant | Hacienda Heights, CA | 13 set 2013
ALL good, excellent if full time was available.
Coached trained all back front desk staff at 3 different hospitals and over 40 private doctors practices and 30 specialties clinics Hardest challenging part is to have to work under people that has no clue of what they have to do but yet they think they know due to ego ridden attitudes. The most enjoyable part of the job is to find and connect with all walks of life staff, highly educated employers and the children and elderly patients in general.
ProFree lunch and mileage for out in the field well paid.
Controno room to growth, no full time work avail at present.
Office Assistant | Miami, FL | 28 giu 2016
amazing work place
it is very hard to work with children since you have to deal with the parents but i was very patient with them and understood them very well and treated them with patience. i had to verify medical insurance for every child and sometimes the mothers would change insurance and they would not have the card with them and they would make a big scene but i would keep my cool and do everything possible to be able to get verification without the card and able to take care of their needs every single way possible
Profriendly people, friendly staff.
Controclosed for relocation
Administrative Assistant | San Antonio, TX | 11 mag 2015
Production Entertainment Company with benefits
A typical day at work can be extremely busy preparing for an event, festival, conference, etc. I have learned some valuable new software programs, that will only enhance my resume. The hardest part of my job would have to be working in an all male environment. The most enjoyable part of my job, is the interaction with others in my field, attending events and the pride I feel when the event is over, invoiced and filed away.
ProAttending events, concerts, rodeo, festivals perks of the company.
ControHighly stressful.
Vendedor | Cachoeirinha, RS | 17 dic 2012
Empresa organizada,com treinamento consecutivo,dando a oportunidade de sermos grandes profissionais!
A rotina,nunca é a mesma,dia após dia,tenho o prazer de interagir com o público!sendo que a direção orienta para que eu possa vivenciar as situaçoes imprevisiveis que possa acontecer. Com entusiasmo o grupo tem um bom relacionamento,um bom dialogo para resolver problemas que possa ocorrer. Embora,torna-se cansativo devido a carga horaria,traz o beneficio de estarmos satisfeitos com, salario,colegas e clientes! Nada é perfeito... Mais a união faz a força!!!
Ayudante general de mantenimiento | Ciudad de México | 11 ago 2014
Aprendí lo que era emulsionar los marcos, revelarlos y hacer los registros a la hora de estampar la prenda. La gerencia un poco mal, por que solo se la pasaba viendo la tele, en vez de inspeccionar que todo estuviera bien. La secretaria una persona buenísima onda. El día más difícil, fue cuando me mate sacando la producción y me salieron con que no había dinero para pagarme la semana. Lo que más me gusto fue el haber aprendido técnicas de impresión.
ProBuen ambiente de trabajo
ControNo pagan a tiempo
Certified Medical Assistant | Georgia | 2 apr 2017
A place to gain work experience in all departments
Enjoyed my journey with this practice. Unfortunately it is time for me to move back home. It has been a great experience working in maternal fetal medicine. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about problem pregnancies. The opportunity to work in all the departments has increased my knowledge as a medical assistant.
Prohalf days

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